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Sep 10, 2010 11:35pm PDT
didn't have time to get his walker and was using a shopping cart to get around today. it was a 6:41 p.m. when a 30-inch natural gas line buried three feet underground in the middle of this neighborhood blew with staggering force, flames shot up like a geyser. firefighters responded in just one minute, but had no water because of damage from the blast. over the next three hours, firefighters laid hose to pump in water from two miles away while air tankers and helicopters attacked the fire from above. >> well, the first unit came down the hill probably a hundred yards from the fire and the windshield cracked. they turned -- >> reporter: cracked while they were rolling up? >> yes, yes, so they pulled back up and they noticed paint on cars bubbling up already. >> reporter: residents evacuated. some just barely. ricardo and richard suffered second-degree burns from the searing heat as they scrambled out their door and over a fence in their bare feet. >> this just came from all the heat from that fire. it was so hot. >> we were lucky that there is a ladder in my backyard. i used that to cle
Sep 13, 2010 11:35pm PDT
under a microscope. >> the detail metallurgical examination will help us determine was it for example, a fatigue factor, or was it a fracture from impact from excavation or just what was the source of the breach? >> reporter: they obviously have some areas of concern. it is old, installed in 1956, with welding points that officials say are no longer commonly used. that includes a long welded seam that runs the length of the line and is potentially susceptible to corrosion. but there is also a section designed to bend under a dip in the road, the exact section that blew, put together by a hodgepodge of smaller pieces. officials say while modern methods are to bend a pipe to fit a curve, this pipe was pieced together by small sections called pups, each one forging a turn in the pipe, each one offering investigators another decades-old welding job that could have been a weak point. >> the fact that it occurred when it was unexpected, when there's in obvious explanation for it. there was no precursor event. there was no earthquake that we know of. there was no heavy construction in the vi
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)